Upcoming Adventures…

2023 will (as much as is possible for me!) be a quieter year wildlife-watching wise. A long overdue trip back to Wales to see my parents after covid-imposed travel restrictions.

In the meantime I have much writing to do……..

Part 4 of my recent August 22′ trip to Northern Australia covering the Tropical North Queensland is the first priority, then…..

The writing up the odyssey across the Nullarbor in October 22′ to immerse in the wildlife highlights of South Australia on all of….The Nullarbor Plain, The Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Brookfield Conservation Park, and The Gawler Ranges

Also in a diversion from the usual faunal focused posts I have been quietly documenting Western Australian Banksia species to be written up in 2023.

The flights are booked for Tasmania 2024 to walk the South Coast Track and then spend chillout time on Bruny Island now that cat control has made wildlife easier to view at that place. It would be remiss of me not to return to Mt Field National Park during the trip to Tasmania, one of my favourite places on the planet…..

Further down the pipeline is a crazy dream to walk the Murchison River Gorge from the Northwest Coastal Highway through the wilds of Kalbarri National Park, all the way to the ocean

South Australian MammalsOctober 2022
South Coast TrackFebruary 2024
Rock Ringtail PossumsWinter 2024