Carpet Python and Banksias – Oct 2021.

Exploring Western Australia's Great Southern Region for Rare Banksias results in an encounter with a Carpet Python and a host of other great reptiles.

Karijini National Park and the Shark Bay Region.

A long drive to the Pilbara and back in a week to revisit the amazing gorges of this national park. A stopover in fabulous Shark Bay on the return leg.

Return to Dryandra Woodland – Pygmy Possums and Quolls.

A few visits to Dryandra Woodland over a week to try and find the elusive Pygmy Possum. Also includes coverage of a Project Numbat Weekend at Boyagin NR.

South West Reptiles – Western Australia – Devils and Dragons.

Species of Reptiles in South West Western Australia including Monitor Lizards, Geckoes and the Thorny Devil.

Wildlife at Dryandra – Boyagin Nature Reserve – Tutanning – 2017-2018 – Part 2 – Spring into Summer

Wildlife - Boyagin Nature Reserve - Birds

A three part article documenting wildlife at some of Western Australia's Wheatbelt Reserves.